Sunday, April 24, 2016

NHS & Junior Doctors: Please don't cry!

The pride of the Commonwealth and beyond: Most of us from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand were trained here. London was where it happened. Looks like the top heavy micromanagement and central policy is turning it into something, well much inferior to that of the old commonwealth countries. But is this part of the plot to sell off this national asset in order for a few to make money? Only time will tell. 

Most doctors and nurses I have worked with used to love their NHS and gives more time than they were ever paid to do so. To destroy such un-contracted dedication is plain stupid and when management decides to start counting, medical staff will as well. 

Junior Doctor dispute has escalated to a Strike that was the first in as many as 40 years. Many of this generation of bright young things had high hopes when they entered medicine and many are now emigrating. This included a Tory MP’s (Dr Sarah Wollaston)doctor daughter, her husband and 8 other doctors. 

What is strange is that hospital where she went to, the whole Casualty department was staffed by doctors not trained in Australia.Perhaps they are now with this doctor:

© Am Ang Zhang 2013   

I awoke last week to a social media furore from friends and colleagues in the UK.

A consensus of anger and outrage reigned. And repeatedly I saw #juniorcontract. 

A few clicks later and I too was erupting.

The new non-negotiable contract means doctors will receive a pay cut of up to 40%. This will force many to leave the profession or seek work abroad to service their student debts and mortgage commitments. With the NHS already facing crippling staff shortages, patient care will be further compromised and the privatisation of our health service becomes inevitable.



If she returns will she be the last Junior Doctor?

It is a common practice for politicians to ignore professional advice. Sometimes they might get away with it; sometimes it led to failure, gross failure as in the case of the French attempt at building the Panama Canal.

So, please don’t cry!
© Am Ang Zhang 2012

Lith Style Photographic work.

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