Wednesday, June 22, 2016


On the eve of the EU referendum it seems to me that the recent strikes of Junior Doctors were light years away and the assumption is that all is well and the majority of tick box trained doctors will just tick what the likes of Jeremy and Simon wants and all is well.

Until of course a short write up in Open Democracy:

Hunt and Stevens - leaving their dirty footprints all over the NHS

Jeremy Hunt tells us he wants a '7 day NHS'. He's the only person in the country who hasn't noticed we've already got one.

Of course it would have been nice if some Brazilian friend of a Judge could have her PIP breast implant on a weekend or that varicose veins be dealt with then. The truth is that it was a planned attack on the juniors and if their pay is reduced for the same amount of work, the likes of Branson would be happier to take over hospitals. No, not Circle this time as they messed up Hinchingbrooke. Oooops they messed up Nottingham University Dermatology as well because, surprise, surprise, the consultants did not want to work for them.

While Hunt distracts us, his NHS boss, Simon Stevens, has created a plan to solve the NHS’s problems - by CLOSING more beds and more A&Es. Stevens thinks if you close hospitals people will stop using them.

Supermarkets need to sell to make money and NHS need to stop work to save money. Until, of course it is run by the likes of Branson. Assuming he provided enough Virgin Lounges and have enough Consultants, he could with cheap Juniors start making money. Not from you punters directly, but from the government which of course is still from you.

Punters flock to A&E for whatever reason and our good looking well liked Stevens is of course smart too. Simple, close A&E and for good measure close the hospitals too but sell it as providing good service nearer home.

If we look back, that was what happened to all, yes all the mental asylums, sorry, hospitals. As it is not PC to blame medication avoiding psychotic patients, we turn the killers into terrorists. Smart too. Asylums were sold and no, you cannot have them back unless you earn money like pop stars. Despite their high income, many resort to drugs and a number of them committed suicide.

Before Hunt recruited him to run the NHS, Simon Stevens worked for in the US for 10 years for global health firm UnitedHealth – where he helped lobby for the TTIP trade deal that would help US health firms take over European healthcare.

Please, TTIP is not going to be part of EU referendum.

Now Hunt’s put him in charge of our NHS. He’s just carved our NHS into 44 bite sized regions, called ‘footprints’. And he’s told local health bosses that they must come up with a plan by 30th June to completely clear their massive shortfalls - within a year.

The smartest move is he picked out some very well loved ladies to work for him. I have no doubt none of them knew that Simon Stevens; who could at a stroke take off three stones or there about of body weight and moved from a multimillion dollar job to the NHS; is not in love with it and would even dismantle it. Unthinkable!

As a result there is very little negative about Simon and very little positive about Jeremy.

If they don’t come up with a new big cuts plan in a hurry, they won’t get any financial or other help, he’s told them. And he’s made clear that if they fail to deliver on the plans, they face being sacked or taken over by other – unspecified – organisations.

Has a hospital closed near you? Is one under threat?
But there’s only one way local areas can make up a huge shortfall in funding (which will otherwise rise to £22bn by 2020) – and that’s to close services and sell off NHS land and hospitals.

Listen, punters, BA, BT were all so bad. Now just look at how you all loved them.

Stevens has already made that clear he expects local NHS’s to undertake ‘radical reform’ of how the NHS works.

And now worrying details are starting to emerge of what this means. North West London’s ‘footprint’ plan is to axe a further 500 beds, on top of earlier cuts, it’s just been revealed.

We already know the government wanted to make huge cuts to A&E departments – reducing them to 40-70 nationwide.  The plans were shelved as ‘political suicide’ before the election.

Now the plans are being dusted off. Many hospitals are already threatened. Apparently to make the NHS affordable we, the public, must get used to no longer having a major hospital within easy reach, or sufficient local hospital beds. Instead, local areas are expected to provide ‘care in the community’ based around downgraded ‘urgent care centres’ – a more profitable model for private takeover.

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