Saturday, May 25, 2013

Korea & Sunshine: Golf, Music & Autism

South Korea has enjoyed its link to the west and has embraced advances in modern technology that has helped to establish itself as a major force in Steel and Car production. It is not backward in embracing modern electronic technology and is a major player in Computers, Cell Phones and of course Television.

They have a culture of taking things seriously and that shows in their attention to technical details in advance production. Why else do you think much of Apple’s iPhone4 is made by its rival, Samsung.

South Korean children were brought up to play golf and western music instruments. South Korea supplies western orchestras with a large number of musicians.

South Koreans embrace western idea of medical advance as well. Could this be the cause of one of its problems?

The Independent:
Saturday, 14 May 2011
A population-wide study of South Korean children has shown autism rates much higher than in the United States, suggesting more people worldwide may have the disorder than previously thought.

By examining 55,000 children age 7-12, even those not enrolled in special education programs, researchers found that one in 38 children had some form of autism, including the more mild social disorder known as Asperger's Syndrome.
In the United States, the autism prevalence rate is believed to be one in 110.
1: 38?
In my recent cruise of Central America crossing the Panama Canal, it is not difficult to spot the South Koreans. They were dressed to be protected from the sun.
Despite temperatures reaching the mid 90s F, long sleeves, long slacks and hats with near complete surround was the order of the day; and Golf gloves as well, for both hands. And that is just for walking around town.
I have no idea how much Sunscreen they use, but that would be 50 SPF minimum.

You stay indoors with music instruments!
So lets look at their golfers:

Very little sun tan!!!

In an earlier post:
April 1,2009
Confirming the fears of Somali immigrants in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Health Department agreed Tuesday that young Somali children there appeared to have higher-than-usual rates of autism.

"Though health officials emphasized that their report was based on very limited data, they concluded that young Somali children appeared to be two to seven times as likely as other children to be in classes for autistic pupils.”
Could sunshine or the relative lack of it be the culprit here. Sunshine and Vitamin D3 is the new black. 

In the history of Medicine, we sometimes ignore the most obvious. Just like mosquitoes in diseases in Panama.
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HyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh I do find this interesting CC! Not one to be swayed by fads and fancies I do pop 800 IU of Vit D3 into my mouth daily and have done so for over two years after reading research that same was beneficial to vascular health.

I even subscribe to those that promote D3 as beneficial in a multitude of health 'problems.'

This ia my one and only diversion from GP prescribed medication. Recent research would show that D3 has no importance in disease.

But the sun has always been 'there' when mankind and man-made medication has not.

Anna :o]

Cockroach Catcher said...


Up to 20 minutes of unprotected exposure is now the recommendation.

I certainly would protect the face and allow the rest of the body to start making D3 (in England)

In the tropics, I use protection especially at the beginning to allow the skin to get used to the sun. Then put protection on after about 5 minutes.

One can overdose on Oral Vit.D but the skin will stop making the vitamin once there is enough using a delicate feed-back loop.

Panic Attacks said...

These social disorders such as autism and Asperger's Syndrome are of primary concern. Left untreated, there are other issues that might develop when the kid becomes an adult.