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Atacama & NHS: Vanguard & Flamingo Survival!

This time last year the Cockroach Catcher was in one of the world's more remote areas: Atacama Desert of Chile.

As one of the firm advocates of Lithium, he thought he needed to be where much of the world's Lithium could be cheaply produced.

As a lover of wild life he soon finds himself in a difficult position especially as much of the Lithium would be used in batteries for cars such as the $100,000 plus Tesla and your iPhones and Tablets.

Chile could produce lithium cheaply by using water and in a desert where the water is scarce this creates a problem: especially for the Flamingos. A third of the lake water is now used for extracting the Lithium.

All photos © Am Ang Zhang 2015

There is a view that the water will run out and with that the Flamingos will perish. Just a worry especially as The Cockroach Catcher was not sure if any Lithium will be left for Manic Depressives (Sorry: Bipolars!)

A reprint:

NHS & Vanguard: Hope or Illusion?

Atacama: Hope or illusion?©2015 Am Ang Zhang

Hard on the heels of the announcement of the devolution of NHS powers in Greater Manchester comes news of the first wave of 29 “vanguard” sites for the new care models programme, heralded last October by Simon Stevens’ Five-Year Forward View for the NHS. These frontrunner sites are meant to lead the way for better integration of health and social care.

There are three types of model: MCPs (multi-specialty community providers), concerned with moving specialist care out of hospitals and into the community; PACs (primary and acute care system), with single organisations providing hospital, GP and community services; and enhanced health in care homes, with no apparent acronym as yet, but let’s call it HICH. These models are meant to offer more joined-up care, health and rehabilitation services. Some 5 million people could benefit from the first wave of transformation.

As Stevens noted in his forward view, there is considerable consensus about what needs to change to improve care and health: “The traditional divide between primary care, community services and hospitals – largely unaltered since the birth of the NHS – is increasingly a barrier to the personalised and coordinated health services patients need.”

Roy Lilley on Tarzan (Aka Simon Stevens):
 DIY cardiothoracic bypass surgery
 on the kitchen table

The Tories have left the NHS out of the Cameron 6 priorities and are promising to make a down-payment on Tarzan's 5YFV and ring-fence the Service.

It's the same as the Coalition are doing now.  Meaning; under 1% per annum more cash, against 4% growth in demand. Do the maths... they've hobbled the NHS and more of the same will cripple it.

The rest of the political parties (who might hold the balance of power) are trying to butter my parsnips; especially the Lib-Dems. They are promising the £8bn Tarzan says he needs to make his Plan A work.

However, Plan A comes with eye watering, never achieved before, yer-avin-a-larf, 3% savings from efficiency, modernisation, moving hospitals into GP surgeries, telemedicine and self-care including helpful web-based instructions for DIY cardiothoracic bypass surgery on the kitchen table. There is no Plan B.

Cockroach Catcher:

Sounds like a ploy to stop some patients from using real hospitals.

We need true integration.

Being a landlord 
might make more money.

May I suggest someone in politics might like to think about; 'more doctors and nurses' doesn't mean 'enough' docs and nurses. How many do we need and how much? Does anyone know? 

Locum and agency bills are melting the NHS' credit card. Oh and Social Services have neither the staff nor the money to keep people out of hospital nor get them home safely. The Better Care Fund robs Doctor Peter to pay Social Worker Paul.

Tarzan plans to sell-off £7.5bn of surplus land. A fire-sale will drive prices down, capital can't be turned into revenue and be careful what you sell, you can only do it once. Being a landlord might make more money.

Please spare some lithium for Bipolar Disorder though.

Lithium for Manic-Depressive Disorder (Bipolar Disorder):

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