Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Cockroach Catcher has been launched!

I was born in the South West Chinese province of Yunnan just as the Second World War was ending, educated in Hong Kong and later became an eminent Child Psychiatrist half way round the world in England. After thirty years of clinical practice i felt compelled to tell my stories as I had my doubts on the validity of some of the assertions of the medical world.

“The Cockroach Catcher” contains my personal view of the human psyche. Cases range from simple childhood toilet and sleep problems to anorexia nervosa, abuse and psychosis. There are also cases of "entrepreneurs" in the making, and cases that turn out not to be psychiatric at all. The Cockroach Catcher provides a glimpse of this world through one specialist's eyes and will be of interest to health care practitioners and the general public.

"Anybody can read it. You don't have to be in the medical profession."

"The cockroach catcher is at once witty, funny and even cultured. Heh, there is Shakespeare, Bach, Ibsen and Mondrian. The Cockroach Catcher really did catch cockroaches, but as a child psychiatrist, he did see some funny kids. They would have had the last laugh, faking it and not getting caught by well trained psychiatrist! Not so with the cockroach catcher turned psychiatrist. He had some sad cases though, some really tragic ones."

Reading the chapter Seven Minutes Cure made me further aware of three things : the difficult decisions with which a doctor is so often faced, the need for him to have faith in himself and, coupled with that, the need for continued idealism and enthusiasm. These don't, of course, apply only to doctors but are particularly important for them."

Go read it and see what you think. You can preview a chapter .

The Book: The Cockroach Catcher

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