Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Health Care: French Health Care vs NHS!

Someone in this country is twice as likely to die from a heart attack as someone in France.

David Cameron
Letter to doctors in England

So says Dave. As is so often the case, politicians never tell you where their data comes from - especially if it is a bit suspect. These data are, of course, very suspect. Every doctor knows that there is something odd about data on heart attacks from France. It even has a name: the French paradox. Dave's researchers have obviously trawled about for data that enable our prime minister to slag off our National Health Service in a vain attempt to justify yet another reorganisation. It cuts no ice with doctors because we all know that the country he has chosen to compare us with is a paradox.

I have decided to reprint one of my post on French Health Care as experienced by my good friend.

Our friends even gave up the proximity to wine!!!

Dave Cameron is lucky: see what happened to the French President's daughter under French Health Care!!!  

Anorexia Nervosa: Chirac & Faustian Pact


Best Health Care: France & The NHS

Friends moved to France after their retirement and lived in one of the wine growing districts.
 ©2008 Am Ang Zhang
They were extremely pleased with the Health Care they received from their doctor locally. After all, not long ago, French Health Care topped the WHO ranking.

Then our lady friend had some gynaecological condition. She consulted the local doctor who referred her to the regional hospital: a beautiful new hospital with the best in modern equipment. In no time, arrangement was made for her to be admitted and a key-hole procedure performed. The French government paid for 70% and the rest was covered by insurance they took out.

They were thrilled.

We did not see them for a while and then they came to visit us in one of our holiday places in a warm country.

They have moved back to England.

What happened?

Four months after the operation they were back visiting family in England. She was constipated and then developed severe abdominal pain. She was in London so went to A & E (ER) at one of the major teaching hospitals.

“I was seen by a young doctor, a lady doctor who took a detail history and examined me. I thought I was going to be given some laxative, pain killer and sent home.”

“No, she called her consultant and I was admitted straight away.”

To cut the long story short, she had acute abdomen due to gangrenous colon from the previous procedure.

She was saved but she has lost a section of her intestine.

They sold their place in the beautiful wine region and moved back to England.

The best health care in the world. 

Now we know.

Let us keep it that way.

Dr No said...
An excellent story and one that every politician of every persuasion should have nailed to his/her front door.

The smart arses will of course highlight the fact that the French bit was elective, and the British bit emergency, and it is well known that the NHS is better at emergency stuff/hopeless at elective stuff etc etc - but in so pointing out, they will of course have shown that they have missed the point!


Anonymous said...

I have read this before, but I still feel proud for our NHS reading it again.

Thanks C.C.

Anonymous said...

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