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NHS: A Closer Look!

A closer look as it may not be there:

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I wrote a while back about: ?A National Car Service.
NCS (National Car Service)?

Imagine a society where you take your beloved car to a Private Garage for some repair work and it turns out that the Private Garage did a very bad job and did serious damage to the engine, transmission and other unknown bits. Now imagine that there is a State run National Car Service that will put right everything and at no cost to you and no charge to the Private Garage that did the damage in the first place.

Would it not be wonderful?

Doctors continued operating on Kelly McLure, 31, after she suffered her cardiac arrest at the private Belvedere Hospital, in Kent, it was claimed.

Southwark Coroner’s Court was told paramedics were kept waiting for 45 minutes despite insisting on taking her straight to A&E.

Instead Dr Edward Latimer-Sayer, her surgeon and Dr Ahmed el Sayed Moustafa, the anaesthetist, continued with the routine nose and chin procedure after stabilising her.

Mrs McLure, known as Kat, suffered brain damage during the operation on November 22, 2005. She died six months later.

In 2002, Denise checked into a private clinic for what should have been a straightforward procedure to remove fat from her stomach. Afterwards she spent six weeks in intensive care (in NHS hospital), the surgeon having repeatedly punctured her bowel.

In the next seven years (again under the NHS) she endured more than 20 operations to repair the damage before succumbing to meningitis in 2009. She was 43.                             
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The surgery was performed by Dr Gustaf Aniansson (from Sweden), at the private Broughton ParkHospital near Preston, Lancashire. Dr Gustaf Aniansson took himself off the GMC register so that he could not be struck off and it was believed he continues to practice in Sweden.

In the new world order of our NHS, private provider (AQW)for commercial reasons need not let the public have access to information about their activities etc, and even the doctors they provide. As they say, be very afraid.

Dr Phil Yerboot is very direct:
In  Boob Jobs and One Night Stands
The PIP breast implant scandal rumbles on with a seeming stand-off between the Minister of Health and the principal users of these implants, Transform and The Harley Medical Group.

Transform has nothing on its website (that I could find) to inform patients about the PIP implant issue. The Harley Medical Group does so here, but feels that this is a problem that it wishes to lay on the MRHA for licensing the PIP implants. Both are interesting organisations, with peripheral clinics where early consultations with Nurse specialists are followed by surgery at a few central hospitals. The Transform group lists its Surgical staff here. I could not find similar information on the Harley Group website, though they do state that their surgeons are on the UK Specialist Register as Plastic Surgeons, this may well be because of recognition in another EU state. Several on the Transform website seem to have only Specialist Training as General Surgeons.  The Transform Surgeons have mostly trained overseas and are not rooted in the UK medical culture in the same way as most BAAPS members, most of whom have past or present substantive NHS Consultant posts.               

It is my understanding that if there is just one fully registered surgeon prepared to be clinically responsible, ANYTHING GOES.  For all we know, it could be someone from Sweden and that someone could at short notice resign from the GMC.

Perhaps SoS will have to set up an NBS, National Breast Service soon.

Right now, we still have the NHS, the National Health Service. It is free even if the damage was done by a private doctor and treatment will be for as long as it takes. The private doctor will not be charged any fee and some even continues to practice here or in other countries.

Soon, such a National Health Service may not be there! That is how the government is going to save money.

First appeared in Jan 13 2012.

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