Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NHS GPs: Fruitful Partnership?

Recently I stated:  

Why are privateers buying into GP practices. The answer may lie with the way the NHS internal market is going: all for the benefit of privateers. Like supermarkets, the only way to make money is through: OWN BRAND. So channelling patients to profit making part of OWN BRAND hospital services will be the only way.   

NHS & Hospitals: Dr Grumble & Frosty View!

Thank goodness, we may begin to see some fruits from our blogs:

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More than 300 GPs on Wednesday ended their partnership with Richard Branson's Virgin Care to provide healthcare services after criticism that the arrangements might see doctors personally profit from sending patients to clinics they part-own under the coalition's health reforms.

Virgin, under its former name Assura, had set up two dozen local "provider companies" – known as GPCos – which sought to make money by being paid by the NHS to offer community services such as dermatology, physiotherapy and rheumatology to patients. All were run as partnerships with local GPs.

But the government's decision to force GPs to commission health services had put family doctors in a "position of possible conflict of interest", the company admitted.

Lets hope this is genuine and not just a technical exercise. It will not be too difficult to check where the referrals ended up: only time will tell.

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