Friday, August 1, 2008

Edwin Leap: Grand Rounds

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 4(45). ‘Why do we do it?’
29 July, 2008
post was picked and it also impressed someone in Colorado

“For more on how listening - even when what is being said sounds improbable - is an important skill, check out the Cockroach Catcher’s post about a
talking yucca and a stowaway family of tarantulas.”

Monash Medical Student continued with House revisions. This time ECHO. Not everything is MRSA or C. diff.

Dr Bongi of South Africa will probably be living in the hospital from now on.

I do not have shares in Wii, but having tried it recently it was interesting to read the
blog. I was hoping my golf game will improve.

Don’t miss
Rural Doctoring, have some Kleenex ready.

It took me a while to read through the whole thing and realised it is Friday.

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