Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NHS: Would you like to move?

©2010 Am Ang Zhang
Some years ago, I was asked to see a young boy who required long term parenteral feed. They want to know if he would be able to adjust. He has been moved from London to our beautiful town.

Then I realised that the specially adapted house was all paid for by the health authority in London. It was a bargain at £450,000. The annual cost for his maintenance treatment is estimated at around £1,000,000.

Some very clever people.

With the passing of the
-->health care bill in the US, one must congratulate President Obama for achieving the impossible and he will no doubt be ranked with the greatest presidents.

A few weeks ago, Obama and health reform were doomed and Obama was not up to the job. In the coming days, we will see a jubilant Obama on the cover of newsmagazines. He will be lionized as a giant-killer. His approval ratings will rise, both because more Americans are paying attention to the beneficial features of the bill as opposed to the Republican caricatures and because Americans love a winner.

"And the health bill itself only begins the long task of wresting control of the health care system from callous insurance and drug companies. We still have to fight for a real public option that is the first step towards national health insurance."  
-->Huffington Post

Health Insurers will no doubt be looking for ways to keep the cost down as it is no longer possible with the new US legislation to:

-         Exclude pre-existing conditions
-         Hype premium
-         Exclude patients the following year.

All the above are standard practice in America and Britain for as long as I can remember.
Can the new British Government learn something from these?


On top of that, anyone with insurance seeking NHS treatment, should the cost not be charged to the insurers!!!

Right now, many patients with private insurance are paid a daily rate for using the NHS. The table could be turned.

There is just one problem with the Obama reform: what if one insurer decides to pay for the premium for an expensive patient to go to another insurer.

Would you like to move may take on a new meaning.

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