Monday, June 7, 2010

Billingsgate: Wild Sea Trout & Saint Amant

What a buy at Billingsgate this weekend: Tagged Wild Sea Trout

Preparation: Sashimi with no washabi or soy! Only fish!

It had a very distinct delicate taste and it stayed on in mid palate for a while. Honest, my guests all agreed that it was best to taste the fish without the usual soy and washabi.

©2010 Am Ang Zhang

The wine: Saint Amant La Tabardonne 2007

This was an unusual wine from Rhone with 95% Viognier grown on highish altitude. A delicate wine such as this one was vital in such company. There was a nice oriental nose of lychee and a good taste of apricot and peach. Wonderfully long palate as with good Viogniers. A nice change from the usual Sake.

©2010 Am Ang Zhang

Well, we did fry the skin and the rest: lightly floured and a pinch of sea salt for seasoning. Wonderful.

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Peter said...

Cockroach catcher, We are lucky to have the Clonakilla winery near Canberra. It is home to Australia’s definitive shiraz Viognier, a wine which is fast becoming one of our top drops. They also make a nouveau Viognier which I would love you to try with fresh seafood. The light style is a great complement to delicate flavours.

Cockroach Catcher said...

Thanks for the tip off. Will look out for them. We have been through the Rhone Valley a few times and have always enjoyed the smaller vineyards.
We are always looking for a good white as we have fish so very often.