Monday, July 5, 2010

Aruba: Does It Get Any Better?

©2010 Am Ang Zhang

©2010 Am Ang Zhang\

©2010 Am Ang Zhang

Fish “shepherding” in the Virgin Islands

The Cockroach Catcher and Pompano


Sam said...

Does it get any better?

Yes, it does ... in Hurghada - Egypt :-)

HyperCryptical said...

I have an email friend who lives in Aruba. To her, Aruba is nothing special as it is where she grew up.

It is true that we do not realise what we have as it is all we have had.

Me, I live ina a coastal town in dingy old England aamd I rarely visit the shore line. Countyside for me!

But when I lived in the countryside - the beach was a draw!

Cockroach Catcher said...


I agree with you. But in Aruba, my grandson can play on the beach and shallow sea and we just swim out to snorkel, and we take a bus to the spot.

Soft corals are better at Peter's Island off BVI. St Johns is great too so it the Great Barrier Reef but I have not been to Red Sea. Good for you. Virgin Gouda has some interesting rocks.

Cockroach Catcher said...


I have been to a few other places including Great Barrier Reef where snorkeling is about a three hour Trimaran ride each way with 30 minutes of snorkeling and sumptuous buffet which few of us retain more than half an hour. Hawaii Big Island is a smaller boat ride for nearly an hour and both are costly and not something you do every day of a three week holiday.

For the Carribean, BVI, St Johns top the list. Aruba is just convenient.