Wednesday, November 16, 2011

David Cameron & Mental Illness: Private Health Insurance vs NHS

An earlier post had an amazing number of hits:

It is well known that there were various ways Health Insurers exclude Mental Illness
from their coverage.  However there are a number of Private Psychiatric Hospitals and set ups. 

So who pays?

Well! You are right!  Some are by taxpayers. The last time I looked, 25% paid by NHS. 

So, the way our Health Reform is going, it might as well be better if there is full legislation to rein in Health Insurers so that nothing is excluded. Is that not part of choice, Mr Cameron?

The French failed to build the Panama Canal because they did not listen to the professionals and that includes the doctors.      Learning from Panama History: Politician vs Professionals

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am back after traversing the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal © Am Ang Zhang 2011

Dr Grumble went VIRAL in  A reader writes
“If we all take the view that Lansley's bill is unstoppable then it will be. The arguments for privatisation of healthcare just do not stack up. The emperor has no clothes. If enough people were to point that out this bill would drop dead in its tracks.”
So what about David Cameron and Mental Illness?
No, I am not suggesting anything at all although you might think so if you roll back and listen to what he said in 2009.
"…….There will be no more of those pointless reorganisations that aim for change but instead bring chaos……."

No, it is about Bupa:

Now will Monitor be doing anything about that? I doubt.

But hang on, the NHS is really safe in David Cameron’s hands as there needs to be hospitals taking back patients that Bupa does not treat.

Told you: The NHS is not going to be privatised! Not all of it any way.

My guess is that NHS 111 will be. Oooops: there may be new jobs for people to call NHS 111 as £25 a go can soon mount up and it is impossible to monitor.

Oooops, did I say monitor? Yes, Monitor may be re-launched as a QinetiQ styled company as there is so much money to be made from fining NHS Foundation Trusts. Dr David Bennett is not a medical doctor. He was with McKinsey. Perhaps he still is!!!

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