Sunday, November 8, 2009

NHS: Can we learn from Obama?

As more and more individuals are taking up private health insurance in England, would the government,  have the courage to adopt some of the Obama Plan in reining in the insurance industry. This would prevent the cherry picking by the industry and the dumping of the chronically ill people on the overstretched NHS.


The following is a straight quote from the Obama Plan.


More Security and Stability


·                           Ends discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.
·                           Limits premium discrimination based on gender and age.
·                           Prevents insurance companies from dropping coverage when people are sick and need it most.
·                           Caps out-of-pocket expenses so people don’t go broke when they get sick.
·                           Eliminates extra charges for preventive care like mammograms, flu shots and diabetes tests to improve health and save money.
·                           Protects Medicare for seniors.
·                           Eliminates the “donut-hole” gap in coverage for prescription drugs.

Obama from The White House.

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