Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dragon Tattoo & Millennium Trilogy: Fiction & Real life

The fiction: I was not going to read it as I was not really into Tattoos, piercings and all that stuff.

Real life: The author in true fictional drama, climbed 7 flights of stairs and died of a heart attack. Did some dark force created the power outage? Sound more interesting!!!

Friend on a cruise: great reads, but read them slowly as you need to get use to the names.

Fiction: The state was involved in the systemic abuse of its own citizen, as young as 12 by using psychiatric diagnosis and inhumane methods such as total passive restraint, sensory deprivation and illegal antipsychotic drugs. There were corrupt businessmen and politicians, sex traffickers, bent cops, spineless journalists, biker gangs and meth heads.

Real life: are we talking about former USSR? No but the country is considered a broken machine.

The country: very much like your own!!! With McDonalds, Tattoo bars and S & M clubs.

Yes: Sweden

Real Life: February 1986, Sweden’s Prime Minister Olof Palme was gunned down on a street in central Stockholm after an evening at the cinema with his wife and son. The killer has never been found.               Reuters

The fiction: Millenium Trillogy or “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (in Swedish, “Men Who Hate Women”) was published in 2005, a year after Larsson’s death. “The Girl Who Played with Fire” was released in 2006 and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest” in 2007.

Real life: an immediate best seller by Stieg Larsson in Sweden and abroad and three films were made in Sweden and one in Hollywood.

The fiction: what fiction would start life with a 6 page detailed botanical description of Leptospermum Rubinette.

Real life: book/s sold 23 million and rising.

The Fiction: a true cowboy story of old. The good guys won, some nearly killed. All the bad guys either died or were caught. 
The modern day gun: computer hacking.
The cowgirl: Lisbeth Salander. Abused by father. Locked in Psychiatric Hosp. from age 12. Raped by State Legal Guardian. Had Dragon Tattoo and other piercings including labia. Had breast implants. Expert computer hacker.

The fantasy: when I am old I will write a couple of books and become a millionaire! Stieg Larsson

Real life: he wrote three and died and his brother and father became multi-millionaires.

The writing:

A colleague:

 “It was not good; it was impossible,” Hellberg, now a journalist at Dagens Nyheter, the largest and best of Sweden’s several morning papers, told me. “Every professional writer knows these things: you look at a text, and you can see this is terrible. Some texts are a little messy, but you can work them out; but here nothing was good — not the syntax, the way of putting things, nothing.”     

The editior:     

Eva Gedin, the Norstedts editor, says she has no doubts whatsoever that Larsson wrote the books. “When you’re an editor, you get a feel for these things,” she told me. “It wasn’t one of those cases where a book is sort of half-written and you have to finish every other sentence. Stieg’s prose is really quite efficient. He was a tremendous storyteller.” The editing of the books went smoothly, she went on to say, and consisted mostly of cutting some of Larsson’s encyclopedic detail. The only thing Larsson wouldn’t budge on was the unsexy title, “Men Who Hate Women.”

Real Life:

From beyond the grave, Larsson names his suspect in murder of Swedish PM

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