Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NHS: Looking Sinister!

My friend wrote asking if I have read a recent blog post about our new Health secretary and a former one.

“It is looking sinister!”

 ©2012 Am Ang Zhang

The one-word secret of Hunt’s success: NEPOTISM His relationship to Virginia Bottomley…..his dealings with the British Council….his inheritance of the SW Surrey constituency….

…..So there’s Jeremy newly installed as Health Secretary after just seven short years as an MP. This is a summary of his meteoric rise:

He made a fortune at the taxpayers’ expense as monopoly supplier to a notorious quango where, by happy coincidence, his cousin sat on the Board. He became MP for SW Surrey where, by happy coincidence, his cousin had been MP previously. He became Minister in charge of Media & Culture where, by happy coincidence, he wound up steering his pals at Newscorp in the right direction. And he became Health Secretary partly because, by happy coincidence, his cousin is a lobbyist for the private health sector……

The 21st century power brokers -- less stable, less visible, more peripatetic, and more global in reach than their elite forebears -- are potentially more insidious and dangerous to democracy. Their manoeuvrings are largely beyond the reach of traditional monitors. Unlike the rest of us, these players are virtually immune to accountability to voters or government or corporate overseers, because the full range of their activities and their true agendas are more difficult to detect.                       Janinie R. Wedel

                                                    From:    Shadow Elite: Public-Private Players & The NHS

I think there is something fundamentally scary about our democracy…. 
Because I think people have a sense that the system is rigged, 
and it’s hard to argue that it isn’t.
Michael Lewis: The Big Short

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