Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another “Ribena Girl”

This time the “Ribena girl” is only 13 and she appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

Detroit Politician Gets Lesson In Civility From a 13-Year-Old


The 13-year-old girl is Keiara Bell from Motown (Detroit City, U.S.A.)

“When Monica Conyers, president pro tem of Detroit's City Council, called the council president ‘Shrek’ during an angry exchange at a hearing in April, one city resident found the remark immature.”

At a panel discussion two weeks after the shouting incidence, the 13-year old school girl told the 43-year old president pro tem Monica Conyers,

“You're an adult. We have to look up to you. We're looking on TV and we're like, '”This is an adult calling another adult a Shrek?””

“That's something a second-grader would do.”

You may wonder what Ms Conyers actually said at that council hearing. The City Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. was in the process of questioning a witness, but he was repeatedly interrupted by Ms Conyers. Mr. Cockrel banged his gavel and requested her to be quiet while he had the floor. That was when she shouted at him,

"You not my daddy, you do that at home, not here. OK? Exactly. So treat me with respect because I'm tired of that. Be respectful. You may not do that at home but you gonna do it up here. Grow up. Control your house and you know how to treat other women better...Shrek."

When will they ever learn – indeed?
Those who are interested can see a video of the
Detroit City Council fight on YouTube.

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