Saturday, September 24, 2011

NHS: Unpleasant & Incurable!

A new disease?

“Bureaucratic self-protection is not confined to state bodies. But the NHS is suffering from an especially virulent form of this particular disease.”    Andrew Gilligan writes in The Telegraph:

 “Yet it is politics which may, in the end, prove the service's undoing, because political, rather than clinical, priorities are coming to the fore. More and more cases are emerging of the malign effect on patients of highly politicised management.”

 “In my encounters as a journalist with the management of the NHS, I have found a secrecy, paranoia and defensiveness which I seldom met in my previous incarnation as a defence correspondent. Great Ormond Street, that world-famous institution with the heart-warming smiley kid logo, has twice given me statements which were provably untrue and which it was forced to retract.

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Then an anonymous consultant in the NHS wrote in the same paper:

We have assimilated a quarter of a million extras, literally supernumeraries, within the voluminous tent of the NHS.
Just outside the tent is the sand into which billions of taxpayers' money soaks without trace.

“Identification of these individuals is easy; look at the hospital telephone directory, and note how often the following descriptions occur: coordinator, commissioner, facilitator, compliance, liaison, outreach, project, regulator, controller. All of these staff require computers, salaries, paid holidays and final-year pensions.

“A responsible government must initiate a thorough review of the financial efficiency of the NHS by senior clinicians. The moral responsibility of running the NHS rests with those who know what treatment and care can be provided with the resources determined by ministers. We will accept that responsibility because someone has to lay out in front of society what is being spent in its name.

“To the current annual bill must be added the cost of the Private Finance Initiative, an enormous confidence trick played on the taxpayer, and the pension expectations of the tens of thousands of NHS staff.

“Politicians cannot continue to be economical with the truth. We treat all-comers, from malnourished infants of economic migrants to octogenarians seeking care at the end of a long hard life.

“We do our best, and we need a rapid clear-out of the non-essential bureaucracy which is slowing patient care and diverting funds needed for the care and cure of sick citizens.”

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NHS, PFI, SATS......: A Revolution!!!

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