Saturday, June 20, 2009

NHS Wales-Why? Why? Why?

I happened to browse the GMC document sent to me and was surprised by what I found:

Newid mawr i GIG Cymru (All change for NHS Wales)  

“The NHS in Wales is undergoing wide-scale restructuring that will replace all trusts and local boards with seven new integrated health boards.”

Not another of those reforms that made things worse than before! I read on.
“In April 2008 the Health Minister, Edwina Hart, announced the proposals for a major change in the structure of the NHS in Wales in order to reduce bureaucracy and improve patient care throughout the country.”

Where is Wales, I asked!

“The new structure follows the signing by the coalition Labour/Plaid Cymru Government of the One Wales document which contained a commitment to abolish the internal market in the Welsh NHS.”

"The changes herald a unified health organisation, with executive responsibility for health being vested with the seven NHS local bodies at a national level. The new structure will be made up of two main bodies: a National Advisory Board and a National Delivery Board. Primary and secondary care (NHS Trusts and LHBs) will be merged into seven strategic Local Health Boards."

I tried to look at the dates to make sure the year was the right one! Not 1950!

Then I read this in Dr Crippen:

"A lunchtime phone call from a godson.He qualified as a doctor last year. He has just coming to the end of his F1 year. He wants to be a surgeon. A properly trained surgeon. There are a total of 41 F1s in the region in which he works. Twenty of them (he knows for certain, there may be more) are applying for jobs in Australia. He is one of them."
And this in Jobbing Doctor:
Too much ranting?

"Well, it's too late, and the NHS as we used to know it has now started to sink under the weight of the attacks of asset strippers and crooks."
How sad!
Dr Tony Jewell, Chief Medical Officer for Wales:

“The end of the internal market in health is part of the wider Welsh Assembly Government determination to make co-operation, rather than competition, the bedrock of public service delivery in Wales.”

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