Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mid-Staffordshire: Media Media Media.

Time was when our newspapers can be relied on to expose great scandals and injustice. Remember Thalidomide and The Sunday Times?

Mid-Staffordshire as far as I could work out could have been exposed a good deal earlier in the good old days of the Thalidomide affair. What has happened to the media in the new Millennium?

Has the Daily Telegraph taken that role over?

In a previous post:
Mid-Staffordshire: Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!
I mentioned the film Rashomon. Here is how it ended:

“As the film ends an abandoned baby could be heard crying as the rain stopped. The priest who was probably going to kill himself for how bad the world has become regained his faith in humanity when the woodcutter offered to look after the baby.

He had 6 children and he was struggling; but he decided to keep the abandoned baby as one more would not have made his life any more difficult.”

Are we going to have a similar ending: one of hope, hope for humanity.

Read the full Daily Telegraph article:
Ten NHS trusts have worse death rates than 'shocking' Mid Staffordshire
March 29, 2009

“A damning watchdog report detailed a catalogue of failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, including dehydrated patients being forced to drink out of flower vases while others were left in soiled linen on filthy wards. The scandal of poor care at Mid Staffordshire was only uncovered when unusually high death rates at the hospital triggered secret NHS alerts.
“The Health care Commission has not investigated any of the 10 trusts that currently have worse scores than Mid Staffordshire, and the Care Quality Commission, which takes over from the Commission this week, has no plans to do so either.”

10 other trusts worse than Mid Staffordshire. Unbelievable.

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