Monday, March 23, 2009

Alaska Mt. Redoubt: Eruptions

March 28, 2009 13:44:00 Image Creator: Anderson, Dennis

March 23, 2009 19:55:58
Image courtesy of Webcam at AVO/USGS.

Mt Redoubt March 21 2009, Read, Cyrus;
Image courtesy of AVO/USGS.

Alaska Mt Redoubt Update National Geographic.

March 23, 2009--Plumes of steam rise from a vent in the summit crater of Redoubt Volcano--a glacier-covered peak 110 miles (177 kilometers) southwest of Anchorage, Alaska--on March 21, a day before the volcano began a series of powerful eruptions.

Photograph by R. Clucas, AVO

Sparked by avalanches of hot debris rushing down the Redoubt Volcano's northern flank, a mushroom cloud rises from the Alaska peak on April 21, 1990. A smaller, white plume of steam pours from the volcano's summit crater.

M. Scott Moon / Peninsula Clarion

Web Cam here.

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