Sunday, June 1, 2014

Circles's Hinchingbrooke: Smart Hospital

I have stated this before about the future of the NHS:

“There are two futures, 
the future of desire and the future of fate, 
and man's reason 
has never learnt to separate them.”

 J. D. Bernal, Professor of Physics, Birkbeck College, London, FRS ( 1901—1971)

Lets enjoy the sunset.

©2004 Am Ang Zhang

Looks like not many noticed that Hinchingbrooke is not a FULL hospital. Very smart and I am sure it will work if it is not doing the money losing part.

Some smart people dreaming up some smart solutions: NHS for loss making future and PRIVATE for the profit making future!!! 

1) Hinchingbrooke hospital is a modern purpose-built district general hospital, which opened in 1983.

2) Hinchingbrooke hospital serves people in Huntingdonshire and surrounding areas; approximately 160,000 people.

3) Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust provides a wide range of outpatient, daycase and inpatient services, a 24 hour accident and emergency department and maternity services.

4) Cambridgeshire Community Services provides services on the hospital site including 25 children’s beds and 12 special care baby unit cots*.
5) There are also two wards for patients with mental health needs, run by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust*, and Addenbrookes runs adialysis unit from this site*

*The services marked with an asterix will not become part of the operating franchise agreement detailed on the East of England website.  Or>>>Hinchingbrooke Next Steps

Ian Greener: Why Ali Parsa is wrong about healthcare (and the NHS).

Healthcare is not unsustainable, and the near public monopoly on it has made it fantastically affordable in the UK. As I’ve said many times in this blog, the entry of providers of others types means we have to keep comprehensive providers open (as Circle have benefited from at Hinchingbrooke), meaning that those providers cannot fail, while at the same time pretending we are introducing competition. There is no real failure if particular providers cannot fail. If there is no competition. 

Circle Posts:

To say the Circle is the John Lewis of Health Care is indeed a blatant insult to that much loved high street store. John Lewis had no Cayman connection and Circle is not fully 100% employee co-owned. But Circle is really a ...

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Circle will have the power to hire and fire staff, and change operating procedures as long as the hospital meets NHS standards. The move opens the way for other financially failing hospitals to be run by private firms. Around ...

Dr Julian Neal, a Circle GP partner and a member of the company's primary care development team, says: 'We're about providing practices with the opportunity if they wish, to develop new services which are certainly not just ...
Circle's CEO, ex-Goldman Sachs banker Ali Parsadoust set out his view that the NHS is “an unsustainable industry” that costs too much to run. “In his view, Britain has world class retailers, telecoms and financial services firms, ...
We saw Circle's Ali Parsadoust in an altruistic posture proclaiming that Circle is the only one that can save the NHS. Then we saw the unholy gaming by one Hospital on one PCT/GP practice. Or did they? I have always ...
The financial strength of Circle Health, one of the UK's most prominent private health providers, will come under close scrutiny as its parent company prepares to float this week. ……Parent firm Circle Holdings' expected ...

Circle: - Currently largest partnership of clinical doctors in the UK. Says services could include telehealth, enhanced diabetic services, urological services, day case surgery, endoscopy, community-based ENT or ophthalmic ...


Anonymous said...

Interesting blogg. I would suggest your bias is aligned to the NHS but I fail to understand how people still seem to think the existing NHS business model is workable when it clearly repeatedly fails. HINCHINGBROOKE would close if it continued being run by the NHS - fact! The NHS largely runs by superb nurses and doctors but who unfortunately are not business people and not leaders or managers. Treating people is a business especially if we want to not waste money but reinvest it for our patients. Maybe you could suggest how or what you would do to make HINCHINGBROOKE a success?

Cockroach Catcher said...

Hinchingbrooke is saddled with PFI debt which was why it failed. You may well be working at the Hosp or part of Ali' team, it does not matter. Read Allyson Pollock in the Guardian: and it would be clear. Who would you suggest to manage: Fred or Bod as both are out of a job now. Money people crippled our Banks and saddle us with debt for generations. Lawyers got us contracts on PFI that is one sided, remember Metronet, they wereprivate and went bust on PFI, we paid over 400 million.

NHS Hosp. has problems from stupid regulations and the Choice agenda. Ali Parsa is no doubt very smart as the Cirlce run Hinchingbrooke does not do everything. No dialysis and others.

Hinchingbrooke should have gone bankrupt and be rid of PfI and start againas NHS.

The govt can borrow money (or print) at a very low interest rate. That is what they should have done.

Goldman Sachs of course was a brilliant bank and helped to hide the debt of Greece before they joint monetary union. ali Parsa of Hinchingbrooke was formerly of Goldman Sachs.

I rest my case.

Cockroach Catcher said...

Anonymous. This further illustrated my point/s @
Without the NHS Circle would go bust; without Circle, the NHS would continue quite happily. Who needs who?

Cockroach Catcher said...

Circle are running a hospital at a loss poaching patients from the local NHS hospital. If CircleBath was an NHS hospital it would have been put into administration by now. Instead, it is allowed to threaten the viability of the local NHS trust by poaching patients and treating them for NHS rates that are less than they need to sustain the hospital.