Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carmina Burana: Spring!

Festival Hall 6th April 2013 Carmina Burana: Spring at last!

 Kangaroo Paws Anigozanthos ©Am Ang Zhang 2013
Veris leta facies          The merry face of spring
mundo propinatur,       turns to the world,
hiemalis acies             sharp winter
victa iam fugatur,        now flees, vanquished;
in vestitu vario            bedecked in various colours
Flora principatur,         Flora reigns,
nemorum dulcisono      the harmony of the woods
que cantu celebratur.   praises her in song. Ah!
Flore fusus gremio       Lying in Flora's lap
Phebus novo more       Phoebus once more
risum dat, hac vario     smiles, now covered
iam stipate flore.         in many-coloured flowers,
Zephyrus nectareo       Zephyr breathes nectar-
spirans in odore.         scented breezes.

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