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Tosca & Promises: NHS & Deaths!

Tosca: The story is well known---- promises by the ruling class that is not kept even when it was a written one. Sounds familiar!!!  

There aren’t many operas that manage to kill off all the principal characters by the end (although many have a good stab at it). But that’s what happens in Tosca – and wonderfully too with one knifing, one firing squad and a sudden suicidal leap. Of the many explanations given about why it has become one of the most loved and watched of all operas, the appeal of the story must be a major one.

Execution in Tosca, ROH Photo
 It is arguably one of the best known of Puccini and of all operas. I may have a preference for Turandot or Boheme, but that is entirely personal.  

Sadly, I am reminded of the same tactics used for the privatization of the NHS.

Clive Peedell:

However, the privatisation debate has now been reignited by revelations about section 75 of the act and the associated statutory instruments(SI 257 regulations) making their way through parliament. The regulations are aimed at making competitive tendering compulsory for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), except in emergencies. At a stroke, they inject competition into the NHS and enable the market to decide how services are provided. Thus the reassurances ministers gave about clinicians and local people having control of how services are commissioned look set to be overturned. Private providers will gain rights under EU competition law, which will make it virtually impossible to stop them encroaching into the NHS market.

Previous promise was not kept:

In the face of public and professional opposition to Lansley's bill, coalition MPs and peers eventually passed the legislation only after receiving reassurances from senior ministers that there would be no NHS privatisation, and a focus on integration of services rather than competition.

But the bill went through and with the emphasis on competition from the private providers, the already stressed NHS hospitals will indeed fail and those that did not will have to cut back on services to support those that failed. In fact the PFI scheme is indeed one of the main reason for financial failures. Centrally imposed targets were the cause of clinical and patient care failures.

We may indeed forget that whether private or public, for now they will be the same doctors until of course most of the NHS consultants decide to give up the much degraded NHS.

The Cockroach Catcher felt that a number of people made what appeared to be strong views against the dismantling of our beloved NHS; that they did so knowing that these protestations may satisfy the public, remembering that in the Markets of old, fake customers would be there to lure real ones.

To me the same people are making noises that will I am sure have no impact on S75.

Many have protested about this broken promise. Lib Dem MPs Norman Lamb and Andrew George have raised serious concerns in the Commons. The Conservative MP Dr Sarah Wollaston has asked for it to be referred to the health select committee. The Labour party is calling for an early day motion and has Lib Dem support. …..Even Dr Michael Dixon of NHS Alliance, who was one of Lansley's key allies in helping to get the bill to royal assent, has come out against these new regulations.

Ha Ha Ha! Was I born yesterday?

Well, The Jobbing Doctor agreed:

So people like Sir Terence Stephenson (leader of the Paediatricians) should have listened to the likes of Clare Gerada (leader of the GPs) rather than now telling Tories/Rich Men what they should do. It makes me very sad that people of the intelligence of Sir Terence trusted the Government to protect the NHS. He was utterly naive in this.

I return to work, doing the last 2 months of my career, to a service that I have worked in for 38 years without any break, to see it gradually falling apart. No amount of wailing from Sir Terence-like people or the absurd Dr Michael Dixon will undo the damage they have helped usher in.

Dr Michael Dixon was the medical director of The Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health, which closed in 2010 after its finance director was arrested for stealing £253,000 from the organisation.[9] Dixon is a director of the College of Medicine which opened in 2010. He has been criticised by professor of complementary medicine and alternative medicine campaigner Edzard Ernst for advocating the use of complementary medicine. Ernst said that the stance of the NHS Alliance on complementary medicine was "misleading to the degree of being irresponsible."                            Wikipedia

He was not born yesterday!

Tosca got a written promise of a faked execution of her love one by agreeing to sexual favours but had the wisdom to kill the one who signed the order just in case. In the end the fake execution was real and she committed suicide.

Death may not be on stage alone:

A seven-week-old baby with a suspected respiratory infection died in November after repeated calls to the service over several days, during which it is alleged to have failed to follow protocols in key areas. Sources with knowledge of the case say they fear a four-hour wait for a doctor to see the baby at a Harmoni-run clinic at the Whittington hospital in London on the Saturday he died may have contributed to the tragedy.

Harmoni, which has contracts covering 8 million patients across large areas of London and southern England, is also alleged to have manipulated its performance data, masking delays in seeing patients and other missed targets.

Tosca can still shock and the music is accessible to first timers.

Do not believe promises even if it is written and do not believe those that had deceived before. Synopsis

Tosca runs from 2 – 26 March and 9 – 20 July.

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