Monday, January 2, 2012

French Wines & Breasts: NHS Rescue?

Would she need NHS rescue?©2008 Am Ang Zhang
Just as the French implant factory owner tried to get his son and daughter to continue to manufacture Breast Implants in his old factory, our own Health Secretary is closely studying the implications of commercialism in Health Provision if Breast enhancement could be called that. Not only is there little control over what was used by the French farmer in the Implants, future private companies need not reveal what would be guarded as top commercial secrets when they provide for patients.

That this should happen in the worlds best Health Care country is perhaps an important reminder that allowing commercialism into health is inviting disaster and cost to tax payers in France and most likely in England too.

The publicity of allowing beautiful women to suffer will not be good for the SoS and so the taxpayers are likely to be forking out £150 million or so to remove them and perhaps replace them.

The value of breast work to Private Plastic Surgeons is estimated to be around £100 million a year. Are they going to be charging the NHS for removing the implants they put in?

Talk of double dipping. In industrial silicone!

To the Cockroach Catcher, he thinks the SoS will do it. If only because medical bloggers said he should not!!!

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Nothing is new under the sun:

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Best Health Care: France & The NHS

If only they would just stick to wine!!!

 ©2008 Am Ang Zhang

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"....there is no regulation, no guidance and no one is following up on these women."

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