Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blood & NHS : Learning from Shakespeare

How one could save money by allowing private providers to take profits from us is beyond my comprehension and a few other bloggers and most citizens of this land.

Personally, there is too much vested interest by a few GPs and Hospital Consultants in the reform as they are going to make a lot of money out of this. 

So would private providers. Many hospitals are in prime sites for property development. Billions to be made by someone.

England will again return to its old class system, those with and those without: Private Insurance.

The RSC predicted the demise of the NHS when they last performed the Winter's Tale. The Cockroach Catcher was there!

There is so much we can learn from Shakespeare! The King offended Apollo and his heir was dead!!!

Rulers of the world are confidently doing what they like! Could it be that Apollo has taken early retirement or has Apollo appeared in some different guise?

These are questions I asked myself after my recent visit to the Courtyard Theatre for a performance of The Winter's Tale at the RSC, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

I overheard some guide telling a group of tourists that in Shakespeare’s days, in order to please everybody, animal blood and entrails were used as props. At least we were spared of entrails and I was sure that Hermione’s blood stained post-partum garment was not of animal origin. 

Hermione's blood stained post partum garment

RSC Website.

The audience loved the bear-a paper puppet of enormous proportions thus sparing Antigonus actual bodily harm on stage and so no blood or entrails here. In the play he was of course devoured by the bear, in the act of preventing the King’s attempted infanticide.

Rough justice indeed! Or was it Shakespeare’s insight and warning to those of us daring to disobey.

Apollo chose to kill King Leontes' heir brought him to his senses but by then it was all too late. As he left the stage the two giant bookcases that we barely noticed started to collapse towards the middle of the stage with all the “books” falling onto different parts of the stage. It was real and scary. Civilisation must indeed be coming to an end!

Tristram Kenton Guardian

Our party was sitting by the stage and so we all tried to pick up some of the torn pages: WOW!

All the books were indeed hard cover bound Hansards. (Hansard: The Official Report of the proceedings of the main Chamber of the House of Commons, United Kingdom.) How topical. One page was Hansard 1950 with questions on the new NHS. We duly put the pages back on stage for re-reuse.

Most if not all reviewers missed this powerful metaphor.

More powerful than blood and entrails.

Hermione: "You pay a great deal too dear for what's given freely". -

(Act I, Scene I). The Winter’s Tale.

I wrote a little while back:

Despite the hard work by a few bloggers, most of the NHS reform are in place one way or another and some say that to kill it now would mean that there will be none of the old NHS left anyway.

Modern day government way ignore the public and even Parliament. If the NHS is dismantled long before any legislation, how can one save it.

In my work I have seen great injustice of parents wrongly accused of abuse and children removed from them. After eventually proving themselves the courts decided that it would be too disruptive to return the children to them. 
Looks like the same tactic is being used in this the biggest shake up of the NHS.

The NHS have many faults and most of them due to government policies. Mid Saff. happened because of central policy.

The government's mistakes started with GPs and OOH, then MTSA and now the reform that will totally dismantle this great institution. The government did not know that they had the specialists on the cheap for years and like the cheap OOH care from GPs, they are giving it up.

But why should they care, private health insurance will take care of that.

Please do not forget, many will not cover dialysis or intensive care. So be careful Prime Minister when you eat in Germany as it will not be any good catching one of those E. Coli food poisoning.

More blood than Winter’s Tale: Dr No
Any political party discovered to have the blood of such brutality on its hands will become unelectable, not just at the next election, but for a generation to come. The political wilderness will last, because the people, like the elephant, will remember; nor will they forgive. It will only be when the veterans of the destruction have themselves died away that a new generation, lacking that memory, may – only may – be prepared to allow the destroyers a new chance.

‘We should regard want, idleness, ignorance, squalor and disease as enemies of us all …..That is the meaning a social conscience, that we refuse to make a separate peace with evil.’  Quite so. Beveridge’s vision of a welfare state should still say it all for the party you lead. 


Doctor Zorro said...

"England will again return to its old class system, those with and those without"

As has already happened with education.

Am Ang Zhang said...

It is sad when we in HK copied the Grammar School system and it was fantastic and now all gone in HK with a few struggling in the UK.