Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NHS: Consultants, Children & Games

A few days ago I quoted one of Doctor Zorro’s recent posts:

 “The medical Consultants must have known full well what was happening at the sharp end. Unless they were blind and deaf they can not have been unaware of the avoidable suffering and death being inflicted upon their patients. Patients to whom they owed their ultimate loyalty. They as much as anyone let their patients down.

“It could be argued of course that they were, like other staff, intimidated into silence, knowing full well what would happen to any individual who spoke out.”

His final verdict:

“Cowardice. Craven, inexcusable cowardice for which they should be thoroughly ashamed.”

Looks like someone listen to what he wrote:

The world-famous Great Ormond Street Hospital has been left in crisis after around half of its top medical staff signed a formal letter of no confidence in its management.
Between 40 and 50 of the hospital's senior consultants have demanded that the chief executive, Jane Collins, resign amid what one described as "growing concerns over patient care".

The letter has been organised by a group of around 20 consultants convened by their professional body, the British Medical Association, at a meeting in its London headquarters on the evening of May 5.

      Photo: ALAMY                        In the weeks since, the letter was circulated around senior staff at the hospital for signature.

It has now been submitted to the chairman of Great Ormond Street, the Labour peer Baroness Blackstone.

Here is a little twist:

A spokesman for Great Ormond Street refused to deny the existence of a letter of no confidence, but insisted that the chairman had not yet “received” one.

"The Chair of the Trust met four consultants last week and discussed a variety of concerns they had regarding the running of the hospital," the spokesman said.
"At that meeting a letter [of no confidence] was mentioned but neither she nor the Chief Executive have received it. The Chair will respond to the letter when she has it."

GOS is a Hospital for Children and children like to play games, perhaps others too.

NHS: Two Consultants & Freedom of Speech

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