Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saving the NHS from Drowning.

Myanmar fishermen: They scoop up the fish and bring them to shore. They say they are saving fish from drowning. 

Unfortunately ... the fish do not recover.

The NHS is running out of money, so we must give most of it to privateers to save money!!!

                                                           Andrew Lansley/ HSCA

But the sums are somehow wrong!

If the private providers are making money and the GP commissioning teams have a limited pot and that Consultants working for the likes of BMI hospitals have a 300% increase in pay compared to old NHS Hospital pay scale, either tax payers are going to be forking out more and more money or someone is not going to get their treatment.

Is some politician heading for a top job with the likes of GHG or Bupa? Only time will tell and history told us it won’t be long: less than 2 years.

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