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NHS & Simon Stevens: Mayo & Naive View!

The Cockroach Catcher surprised even himself that he has a naive view about the future of the NHS that he joined over 40 years ago.

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Private Health Care providers all knew the value of specialist. These specialists have been known as hospital consultants in England(and the rest of the U.K.). Private Health Care providers know that secondary care is where the money is. Primary care has never featured in Health Insurance schemes. It has always been secondary care.

The only reason why they now want to move into GP service is to have control over secondary care. Many Insurers have full control over the consultants and the hospitals they are allowed to operate.

Why are hospitals and the consultants not kicking up a fuss?
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Here is a view:

“In the case of the consultants, a show was made of trying to make them accept much closer supervision by hospital managers, and cut back on their private work. But it soon came to seem that the real aim of doing this was to make them feel more disenchanted with working as salaried NHS employees and readier to go into business – to form doctors chambers, on the model of barristers, or other kinds of business, and sell their services to any employer, public or private, that offered them the best terms. A significant number began to plan to do so and some have begun to. And as the cuts begin to bite there will be unemployment among hospital doctors. As you will have read, consultants are among those scheduled to be laid off by St George’s hospital in Tooting, and elsewhere. Working for private providers will become normal again in a way it hasn’t been since 1948.”

                                                                                      The Plot Against the NHS

It is of course likely that after plotters plotted for nearly 20 years to have the money making part of the NHS privatized, they are unlikely to give up quietly.

Democracy is a peculiar business and there is truth that some of us know who the enemies of the people really were.

Some politician may regret too late for not taking the opportunity and grasp the three hairs on the god of opportunity. The Cockroach Catcher did spell it out not many weeks ago.

That many of the plotters in the Labour camp are now unashamedly working for private health care insurer or provider in one form or another that they did not get the votes from the PEOPLE.

But Simon Stevens did the opposite. He should be the pride of the best of British. Taking a huge cut and uprooting family from the home of Mayo?

“The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.” These words
not only resonate with anyone who has ever worked, trained or been educated at Mayo Clinic but also with medical professionals around the world who emulate Mayo’s Model of Care.

Dr. Charles H. Mayo and Dr. William J. Mayo

“…….Mayo offers proof that when a like-minded group of doctors practice medicine to the very best of their ability—without worrying about the revenues they are bringing in for the hospital, the fees they are accumulating for themselves, or even whether the patient can pay—patients satisfaction is higher, physicians are happier, and the medical bills are lower.”

As Doctor William Mayo explained in 1905: “The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered, and in order that the sick may have the benefit of advancing knowledge, union of forces is necessary…it has become necessary to develop medicine as a cooperative science.”

                                                           Mayo Clinic: Health Care is not a Commodity!!!

'Personal health budgets' imposed on 10,000 chronically ill patients

Patients across the country are to have their health funding rolled into their social care funding and be expected to manage both themselves. Is this empowerment, or something more sinister, health experts wonder?

JOHN LISTER 11 July 2014
New NHS boss Simon Stevens has revealed his true privatising colours with this week's announcement on personal health budgets - which would wreck England's NHS services and leave the field clear for big business.

We have been waiting to see whether - and how - new English NHS boss Simon Stevens would work round to furthering the private sector agenda he has brought with him from his sojourn at US insurance giant UnitedHealth – and now we know.

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