Monday, June 19, 2017

Germany: Health Care & Smoking!

Germans contributes 7% of salary before tax and employers match that amount.

In return, patients get access to care which is so rapid that national waiting data is not collected.

Germany's spending on health care is relatively high, just over 11% of its wealth, compared to 9.8% in the UK and it has more doctors and hospital beds per patient than the UK.

The Caesarean rate is higher, so is the use of MRI for diagnosis and the length of hospital stay.

Many doctors in Germany set up in practice on their own, as GPs or out-of-hospital specialists, but as cities are more popular that leaves rural areas with a shortage.

Most patients feel they can see a doctor easily, so for example the number of visits to the equivalent of A&E is very low compared to the UK.

While out of hours care has been reorganised, GPs and other out of hospital doctors are often still involved in helping provide cover on a rotation.

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Apart from Greece, they have the highest % of smokers in the First World and they are between 20 to 24. Patriotic?? 

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