Saturday, December 6, 2008

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM): Ice

Three doctors went to a bar to conduct an experiment. The first drank brandy and ice, the second whisky and ice and the third gin and ice.

All developed a bad hangover the next morning.

They came to a conclusion: ice was the culprit!


cbtish said...

Nonsense — it has to be a randomly controlled trial (RCT) with a large sample size. They need to repeat the experiment many times, and turn their backs while the bartender swaps the glasses around so they don't know what they're drinking. Preferably, the bartender should be blindfolded too, making it double-blind.

Cockroach Catcher said...

Glad you noticed. There are some good doctors out there. But have you noticed that they are not Harvard professors.

Hang on, Dr. Barry Marshall was so determined to convince the world that bacteria — not stress — caused ulcers that he drank a batch of germs and later got the Nobel Prize.

That was just one doctor, not three.

You're right, it was not EBM and no body believe him for a long time. A long long time!

The Cockroach Catcher