Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peter's recipe: Oven roasted salmon

Oven roasted salmon is a favourite at our house.                    BACK

Skin the fish and cook it on an oven tray brushed with butter or macadamia nut oil, depending on the tenor of your conversations with your doctor about cholesterol; brush the fish as well and season it with lemon pepper and a little garlic salt. 

Bake for no more than 20 minutes in a 100oC oven.  

Kumara skordalia was a construct replacing the traditional potato or bread with sweet potato for this dish.  The level of garlic and vinegar had to be reduced so as not to fight with the delicate fish flavour and the accompanying white wine.                          BACK

As a Riesling fan, I prefer wines from South Australia’s Clare or Eden Valleys but our local Rieslings from the Canberra wine region and those from Tasmania are also very good.          BACK

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