Monday, February 28, 2011

NHS 2011: Learning from Ireland.

The Prime Minister:

"……We will create a new presumption – backed up by new rights for public service users and a new system of independent adjudication – that public services should be open to a range of providers competing to offer a better service…….Instead of having to justify why it makes sense to introduce competition in individual public services – as we are now doing with schools and in the NHS – the state will have to justify why it should ever operate a monopoly."
It is a well known fact that banks pay good money for the “best” people to run them, let us look at our neighbour: Ireland.

Allied Irish Banks became the fourth of Ireland's "Big Six" financial institutions to be nationalized, following Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Nationwide, and EBS Building Society. AIB was delisted from the main market of the Irish Stock Exchange on 25 January 2011.

Many subsidiaries of overseas bank went into Ireland and introduced competition, fuel the crises by creating the “boom” and left.

Four out of six state controlled!!! 

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