Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Biodiversity: Abalone & Nanotechnology

Recent medical blog posts by Dr No and The Witch Doctor coupled with the banking scandals would mean that aspiring Bright Young Things may indeed need to take The Cockroach Catcher’s advice and take up opera singing or biodiversity as alternatives. There is of course always archeology and anthropology. Looking at my friend’s children the last two were strictly for the Bright Young Things with super rich parents.

The Cockroach Catcher will now try to convince you that if you do not have the voice, then perhaps Biodiversity is for you.

Those that know what these shells are will know that they housed one of the most sought after sea food in the Far East.
 ©2012 Am Ang Zhang
Yes: Abalone.

But I am not going to give you a recipe but talk about the colour especially of the inside of the shell.

It has been widely known that colour on the whole is produced by the light it absorbs. That remained true for leaves, flowers and dyes etc., etc.

No so with Abalone.

No, instead there is a 2-3 layered nanoparticle/nanocrystal network that would affect the passage of light and the energy of light will be changed when it emits from the surface of the crystals.

Butterflies too use the same nanocrystals.

These indeed form the basis of modern day Nanotechnology.

Mother Nature should be ecstatic

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