Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiger Woods and Breathing

It is appropriate today to congratulate Tiger Woods on his win at the Buick Invitational over the weekend. The CBS commentator revealed that Tiger used a special breathing technique on the course to slow his heart rate to around 50 plus, especially for his putting. It certainly worked, as there were some rather magical putts. A recent experiment showed that tour players generally have heart rate of around 100 at putting. I wonder what their heart rate might be when half a million dollars is at stake, as often happens in a major tournament.

Approaches that do not use chemicals always fascinate me, but unfortunately there are too many wild claims by some proponents that some practices have acquired a bad name. A few of my medical schoolmates are firm believers and more importantly active practitioners of some well known exercises that could be traced back to more ancient times and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am all for gentle exercises and deep breathing but I will steer clear of the outrageous claims.

Do not do what the doctors tell you to do, do what they do.

No, I did not watch Tiger at Torrey Pines. I was too busy blogging. I watched the final day on CBS. This year the US Open will also be at Torrey Pines. In 2004, the US Open was at Shinnecock, and I did see Tiger at the practice round and took this picture.

I will go and practise my deep breathing now, and then my putting.

Happy golfing.

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