Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grand Rounds (4) 48, 49

Rural Doctoring Grand Rounds (4) 49

Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man was the theme of this week's best medical blogs from around the world!

The blog is on Small-town Medicine in the Internet age and the Rural Doctor can really write. A lot of thought was indeed put into fitting in the best Medical Blogs around the globe.

Here is the quote from her Grand Round:

"The lean and slippered pantaloon should watch out for slubs in the carpet, because as he ages he's at more risk of slipping and breaking a bone, and the resulting MRSA osteomyelitis might just kill him. Read the Cockroach Catcher's take on the scenario."

Six Until Me: Grand Rounds (4) 48

A really good Diabetes Site. This week she uses a traditional library catalogue to present the best of Medical Blogs around the globe.
Mine is listed under 600: Technology and Applied Science.

"The Cockroach Catcher gives us a post about lithium to treat bipolar disorder, and how only time will tell if this is the best method."

Grand Rounds


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