Monday, May 11, 2009

Corruption: Three Doctors and a Professor.

I woke up to three doctors all writing about a Professor. No, she is not corrupt.
She un-covered what has been going on in the NHS that is corrupt.

Corruption, dishonesty, fraud and cover-up.

Dr Crippen

“IN the BMJ this week, Professor Pollock, discusses the information she has been able to gather by using the Freedom of Information legislation. It was like getting blood out of a stone. It reveals
a tale of duplicity, incompetence, fraud and secrecy as, once again, the government tries to cover up the way in which billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been squandered.”


Dr Grumble

“But what has really goaded Grumble into this tirade on secrecy? It wasn't the MPs' expenses. It wasn't even the drug licensing issue. It was frustration that we do not know how much the parts of the NHS that have been privatised are costing. Except that is for one ISTC. You can read about that in an
article written by Allyson Pollock.It's long article. Here's a key bullet point:
The Scottish Regional Treatment Centre treated only 32% of annual contract referrals in the first 13 months of operation at 18% of the annual contract value. If the same patterns apply in England, up to £927m of the £1.5bn may have been paid to ISTCs for patients who did not receive treatment under the wave one ISTC contracts.
Allyson tells it as it is. She can't be much loved in some quarters. She will never be Dame Allyson. Probably she doesn't want to be a dame.She must have difficulty getting funded - except, that is, for
one-way trips to Outer Mongolia.”Say goodbye to your money.

Jobbing Doctor

“So my reading is we paid 5 times as much as we needed to for these operations. Much of the data is kept secret because of 'commercial confidentiality'. I'm sorry but this doesn't wash with the Jobbing Doctor. Professor Pollock has started to unpick the
monumental squandering of millions of pounds on work that is either substandard or often not done!”
Links: BMJ Article.

Jobbing Doctor:
Say goodbye to your money.

Dr Grumble:

NHS Blog Doctors:
Corruption, dishonesty, fraud and cover-up.

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