Friday, July 9, 2010

It is back!!! Jobbing Doctor

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It is back!!! The Jobbing Doctor Blog  is back and it is looking as good as ever if not better; and he does not mince his words:

Jobbing Doctor: Bit by bit

The ideas of the new coalition Government in relation to how the NHS is to be run are slowly seeping through.

The new Government (in the person of the Secretary of State - Andrew Lansley (pictured)) wants to hand the budget to groups of GPs to manage, and we will be expected to commission everything from Chiropody to Liver transplants. This job has been done by a vast army of bureaucrats in the past, and planned at a National level.

The piece in the Telegraph (
hat tip to Grumble) has it all couched in dramatic terms "Biggest change" "Revolution" etc, and certainly it will be a huge challenge for what is essentially a group of around 40,000 people. 40,000 people who already have a job.

Do I want to be involved in commissioning services?
This is all about engaging with GPs. Now, the previous Government had a very poor track record of engaging with GPs. They railroaded through a contract in 2004 that they then bitterly regretted, and blamed us for their bullying us into it! Then they set to running a long-standing hate campaign that many of us believe originated in the Department of Health, and conducted through their favourite attack dog, the ghastlyDaily Mail.
To engage with GPs the Government need to demonstrate that they have changed - that their bullying and denigration has stopped, and they will start to value the people they see them getting out of the mess that they have made for themselves.
I will need to see a genuine change in attitude.


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