Monday, May 17, 2010

House M.D. : Canon 5D Mk II

At the WPPI show in Vegas, I heard something that I thought was just sales talk. The Canon speakers said that the Canon 5D Mk II is better than any of the video cameras at the show.

No way, I thought, they were about 10 times the price.

Canon WPPI 2010 ©2010 Am Ang Zhang

Well, tonight's House MD (US) is filmed entirely with Canon 5D MkII, a digital camera.                 Sneak Peek >>>>  See a clip of Canon 5D here>>>>.   Blog Critics
One of the problems of Digital Camera for motion picture taking is the sharpness, not the lack of it, the opposite: too sharp. There is a built in software that will take care of that. 

Now surgical operations can be filmed with the much cheaper ‘still’ digital cameras!

I also heard that BBC and Reuters only allow their photographers to take video with DSLRs and no single shots. I think the editors wanted control. Not too good for the future Magnums.


Anonymous said...

I was there too and there were some $29000 high end video cameras there. I agree that there may indeed be a place for DSLRs in film making. Certainly for weddings.

camera accessories said...

BBC and CNN allow photographers to use DSLRs because they have to broadcast on media as to achieve certain objectives.