Friday, May 21, 2010

NHS: Polyclinics & Sense

Jobbing Doctor in Sense:
Most Jobbing Doctors thought that "Lord" Darzi's ideas were a crock of shite. Seems like some politicians agree with that.

But in fact it was not just some politicians, it was our new Prime Minister:

April 21, 2008
David Rose
But Mr Cameron condemned the plans, announcing the start of a week-long offensive against the Government’s health policy.

As many as 1,700 local surgeries in England would have to close or merge in order to form the clinics, he said.

“The NHS has suffered hugely from fads driven from Whitehall. And my worry, and why we’re launching this campaign, is that this is the latest fad. The Government has already tried to bring about the end of the district general hospital. Now ministers are trying to abolish the family doctor service.

“Communities which have lost their Post Office, their local shops and their local police station, are now going to lose their doctor.”

In a speech to the King’s Fund, the charitable foundation, in London this morning, he will urge doctors to sign-up to an online manifesto which declares general practice to be “the foundation of the NHS”.

The petition adds: “We want to be free from central Government interference and bureaucracy; able to control our own budgets; rewarded for working in socio-economically deprived areas; free to reinvest for our patients’ benefit and able to innovate in contracts with healthcare providers.

It continues: “We also believe we should be free to determine the opening hours, size and locations of our practices, in response to our patients’ needs, and object to being forced into polyclinics against our will.”

Cameron: Speech


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