Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Lords: Farewell NHS!!!

The House of Lords. Photograph: Tim Graham/Getty Images

You can say all the bad things about the NHS and you can quote how badly we are doing but we still love our NHS for all its short comings and perhaps if politicians have not been so interfering and allow us doctors, nurses and patients to make things work together we may indeed have a better NHS. All the analysis on the reform is clear about one thing: someone is going to make money and that means less money for actual health care.

Because, reading between the lines, that is what it is. If Andrew Lansley can have his way the ordinary citizens who cannot afford health care insurance will get inferior care in a society that needs to ration its skilled medical professionals. It is no good trying to pretend it is any other way.

There is no alternative: the bill must be killed or we will have to bid farewell to the NHS we know for now. 

Farewell                      Wang Wei (701-761)
Dismounting, let me share your farewell wine
Where, friend are you heading now?
Choking, fate has not been kind to me
Will retire to the southern slopes to seek rest

Enquire no more when I am gone 
Till the end of clouds, endless white clouds!
My Lords: you are our last hope.

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