Thursday, December 24, 2015

Crab & Goose: Xmas alternatives?

The Cockroach Catcher loves his home reared turkey when he was young and to date he is having trouble finding anything close. So he chose Goose instead. Watch the wine alternative to Claret!

What about the seafood starter?

It has to be England's best kept secret, Brown Crabs that we nicked named as Dumb Crabs as they are slow and sluggish unlike some fast and aggressive ones. Unfortunately the secret is not such a secret as China is now importing most of the top quality ones.  Try some before they disappear. 

The crabs are served cold: delightfully fresh and sweet tasting.  Any seasoning? None required.

This time of the year the female ones have a good bit of roe.  We often pan fry the crab roe by beating a couple of eggs in with the roe and frying the mixture with olive oil and chopped fresh garlic.  

The paired wine: Puligny Montrachet 1er Les Referts (2004).  This has a delightful apricot and almond nose, and in taste a herbal fruitiness and subtle buttery character typical of Puligny Montrachet.  A good match for the freshest seafood simply prepared.

Billingsgate: The Cockroach Catcher’s Guide
Goose could perhaps be done in my home style:

The goose is more difficult to pair with wine. If you are lucky to get a fatty one, you can pick a top Champagne such as Krug that will go extremely well.  But the Cockroach Catcher is going to surprise you with a wine he discovered when he went to Chile: where Cabernet Sauvignon still grows from original root stock:
Don Melchor: rated as top 10 wine of 2015 by Forbes, it is certainly a good value wine for special occasions considering what you would be paying for the top Bordeaux wines.

Well, what can I say, goose has stronger flavour than turkey and Don Melchor is as good as any French Top Growth and its herbal hint suits the Cilantro used in cooking the Goose.   

Happy Xmas !

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