Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NHS: The Pretending is Over!

No, I am not a horse!!! Nor is he!
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Do you really think that hospitals and what hospitals do are not necessary? Do you really think that a good health care system is just about Primary Care doctors or in the new world order of things nurses doing what doctors do? (Noctors as our lovely Dr Crippen called them). Do you really think that Mao was right to train farmers to do Appendix operations in the period of Bare Foot Doctors?

The pretending is over now that it is clear about the current governments plan for dismantling he NHS.

The children of my friends and contemporaries are in good jobs like, lawyers, bankers and dare I say, management consultancies. They are all scrambling to make sure that their Health Insurance will cover IVFs, antenatal care and full obstetric care and for those engaged in sporting activities, knee work and perhaps hip work for later.

For this the Elite of our society, it is not just about GP care. They are there to refer them to the best specialist in the best Private Hospital or sometimes at the private section of a top NHS hospital.

Do we still have those: yes we do!  See here>>>>

In London alone these are specialist hospitals that are famous the world over:

The Maudsley Hospital

Then there is Papworth. Need I say more!!!

I know that when you visit them nowadays, these places seem to be full of: non locals. Or could it be that these are now the new locals, I doubt as you can sometimes see the lovely foreign plated cars parked outside them. If I am wrong, I do apologise.

The truth is that medical tourists come not for the GP services we provide, they come for the cutting edge medical procedures and in England, it is also about value for money.

So, opening up many of these rather precious hospitals for up to 49% private will mean a severe reduction in actual medical times available to NHS patients.

That is why: the pretending is over. No, at the end of the day it will not be the medical care you can get from your GP or Noctors, it will be well trained specialists with up to date complex procedures that you or one of your relatives may need!

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