Friday, December 15, 2017

Books for Xmas?

Design & Text ©Bee Zhang 2011            Photos ©Am Ang Zhang 2011

Inspired by our 2-yr old grandson's enthusiasm about aquatic creatures after a recent visit to the aquarium, we have just published a unique children's photo book called "Looking for Sting Ray", which has 20 beautiful 9x7 in. full bleed photos of: corals, turtles, anhinga, blue tang, file fish, butterfly fish, pompano, cleaner shrimp, pompano, barracuda, flounder, star fish, and sting ray. It is a cool introduction to nature for a pre-school kid and our grandson loves it! Guess who took all the photos? 

Design & Text ©Bee Zhang 2011                  Photos ©Am Ang Zhang 2011

Antelopes and Friends

Hardcover, 21 Pages 
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Antelopes and Friends

A coffee table quality photobook for a special child, introducing wild life in Africa. Photos of the animals (impala, nyala, kudu, wildebeest, warthog, gruffalo, zebra, rhinoceros, waterbuck, hippopotamus, giraffe, buffalo, elephant, saddlebilled stock) were taken by the author himself during safari trips in Africa.

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