Monday, March 14, 2011

NHS & McKinsey: David Nicholson & David Nicholson

Do not believe everything you read, but perhaps this one?

Q318 Valerie Vaz: ………but I want to clarify something, Sir David. It was something that was in the paper, that you had had discussions with someone from McKinsey who is running a company and wants to float GP surgeries on the stock market. Is that where you see-
Sir David Nicholson: That I have had discussions with them?
Q319 Valerie Vaz: Yes. Apparently he ran the plans before you. Is that not right? Are you not having discussions with anyone?
Sir David Nicholson: I am having no discussions with anyone in relation to that. I can genuinely say "It wasn’t me, guv."
Chair: Another David Nicholson.
Sir David Nicholson: Yes.

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