Friday, August 26, 2011

Emperor’s New Clothes: Or Regurgitated Dog’s Dinner

This time the child is Dr Jacky Davis.

Most people who take an interest believe that the amended Health and Social Care Bill is a regurgitated dog’s dinner. 

Most doctors don’t want to see this legislation introduced. There is nothing here for hospital doctors, and the privatised future looks grim for junior doctors and medical students. Even GPs, who were meant to sign up in droves, have realized that the prize of GP commissioning is not worth the price they are being asked to pay.

A back of the fag packet calculation suggests that the percentage of doctors who support (as opposed to have been forced to get involved with) the Bill is in single figures.
The public don’t want it either, with polls showing widespread suspicion of the ‘reforms’

And yet it is still on the table, with a third reading at the beginning of September, when
MPs will hardly have had time to compare Tuscan tans. How can it be that the vast majority of health professionals detest the legislation and yet we still haven’t managed to see it off?

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