Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Did you catch these?

So far in Cockroach Catcher: Phew! I am still catching my breath! I learn that most blogs have a weekly or monthly summary. There was no summary from me at the end of January as I had only just started, but below is a summary of the postings to date.


Anhinga in Costa Rica - Faking Is Not All Bad

Bauhinia blakeana and other health warnings

Elephant and teenage pregnancy

Lunar Eclipse

Mother Nature should be ecstatic

The Cockroach Catcher in Costa Rica

Turtles in Barbados



Antioxidants and cooking

Chinese New Year and the Goose

Papaya and Nobel Prize

Quinoa: the super grain

The secret is out: recipe for Teochiu Braised Goose

The sliced Goose and a natural dose of Glucosamine

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

A Brief History of Time: Anorexia Nervosa


Anna Freud and Common Sense

Anorexia Nervosa: a cult?

Autism and Money

Child Psychiatry, Ping Pong, Paper Planes and Toys

Hiccup Boy

Please don't poison our children with stimulants

Religious Fanaticism and the Ice Maiden of Peru

The doctor is the drug

The William Tell Mom and Peas

This Child Psychiatrist also uses the Stethoscope

Trust Me

Unwillingly to School

Medicine & Medication

Autism, the Brain and Tiger Woods

Che Kung Temple (che gong miao) and the Power of Prayers

Flight into Health - Why Do People Get Better?

Groundhog Day and Prozac

Monkeys and NHS

Multiple Sclerosis, Iguanas and Wrong Foot

Orthodoxy and Knowledge

Rashomon and Prozac

Sadness medicated to extinction

SARS and Quorum Sensing

The Knowledge' and the Brain

Traditional Chinese Doctor

Leisure Pursuits & Health


First Encounter with Mondrian

Golf and Health

Medicine and Snorkelling

Pleasure Principle and Wine

Tiger Woods and Breathing

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